What to Expect in an Energy Healing Session

Energy healing sessions usually last about 60 minutes. (The initial session runs about 75 minutes.) After the client arrives at the healer's treatment room, the healer asks the client for their presenting symptoms and issues: where is the client experiencing pain? What emotions have been coming up recently? And so on. As the client reclines on a massage table, fully clothed, the healer makes an initial assessment of their energy field to "read" or gauge the client's state of health and well-being, then gently lays hands on specific areas of the body--usually where the major and minor chakras, and the acupuncture points, are located--or works with palms a few inches away from the body.

Clients often experience the energy transferring from the healer's hands as a gentle heat, a  tingling, or a magnet-like pressure. Sometimes, as their body responds to the energy, pain and congestion loosens, relaxation takes place, an emotional release occurs. Sometimes clients simply fall asleep, and wake up refreshed at the end of the session.